Bonanza, a brown spotted tabby with white is a female from our eldest (and now retired) Siberian Queen, Arabeska, who came to us from Tomsk, Russia. She an impressive pedigree, there are 24 champions in the last five generations including Grand International Champion, World Champions, International Champions, and European Champions! Her coat, though not as long as Ledenets' is silky and soft. She is spirited, playful, and loves to snuggle. She thoroughly enjoys water, as do all of our Siberian cats. The minute water is turned on anywhere in the house the Siberians quickly come to play. Extremely playful, athletic, yet very loving, she produced some incredible Siberians, including Saltar, our current stud. Her Russian line will continue to enhance our breeding program. Thank you Bonanza! She now lives with a a wonderful family in McCall, Idaho. 

Sullivan Siberians Nezhenka, daughter to Belle and Vanilla Sky Tamarlan (thanks Liz Daisly and Tom Lundburg). She is a seal point with white and is one frisky frolicker! We call her "Sissy". She has personality galore and runs the roost already. She comes from low FelD1 lines and  she produces low FelD1 kittens with personality galore. For those of you in the know, Sissy has "FOMO". For those of you wondering what that means, it is text speak for- "Fear of Missing Out". She is always right in the middle of the action and never misses a beat. She takes after her mother Belle, to say the least!

Our Siberian females include Sullivan Siberians Nezhenka, Sullivan Siberians Tally Ho, Daisley Zolushka of Sullivan and our newest queen Sullivan Siberians BC (not yet pictured).  

Daisley Zolushka of Sullivan aka "Cinder"  is the most friendly and loving Siberian. She has produced three of my all time favorite kittens! The personality of her kittens is priceless, and many have gone on to live in homes with allergies. She is incredibly loving and trusting, and her kittens are often wagging their tales and purring from the moment they can stand. We thank Liz Daisley, of Daisley Siberians, for sending her our way. She comes from extremely low allergen lines and we couldn't be happier to have her be a part of our family. We have kept one of Cinder's daughters, BC, as our newest queen. BC's comes from Cica Onegin of Sullivan before his retirement to live a life of love and snuggles with his new family in Madison, Wisconsin. 


Since Belle'sarrival into our family at 10-weeks of age she runs the household. Her confidence and playfulness is unending. She is a solid blue Siberian with high white. Her face is picture perfect and her coat is soft, soft, soft. Belle comes from a line of very low Fel-d1. She comes to us from Precious Paws Siberians in Virginia, a highly respected breeder (now retired) who values genetic health above all else. Belle has all the classic personality traits of the Siberian and plays fetch better than our dog! She not only retrieves, but loves to initiate the game and brings toys to you for play. Belle is the favorite of our many visitors, as most have never experienced a cat who truly does behave more like a dog! Loyal and attentive, she always wants to be in the same room as the humans in the household. She is a treasure!! We know she passes on not only her good looks, but her amazing personality to her Siberian kittens. Her daughter, Sullivan Siberians Nezhenka (aka Sissy), will continue her line.

Our Siberian Females

Lucy Maud is absolutely the most outgoing Siberian I've yet to meet. She is fearless! It does not matter if it is an entrusted friend visiting or a complete stranger, if you sit down on the couch, she is in your lap. To top it off, she completely fills your lap, she is an enormous female! She is as big as the boys- Ledenets and Pasha.  Thank you again Amy of Skye Blue! We carry on her lineage through her daughter, Tally Ho. She now lives with a family in Twin Falls, Idaho, and is enjoying her retirement. 
As you can see, our Siberian Queens live with us underfoot. They are happy, healthy, and playful Siberian Queens who get plenty of rest and lots of time to lounge in the sun. A favorite pasttime is watching the many birds out the window or chasing one another around the house at high speeds. We feed only premium quality food and supplement with chicken and beef. We are proud of these girls!

Cica Tatiana of Sullivan is a beautiful silver lady. Thank you to Maria Pavlovszky for entrusting us with her. She and Onegin are named after a famous Russian ballet where Tatiana and Onegin have an epic love story. She produces traditional Siberians. She gets along beautifully with all of our cats and is very very playful. She is never far from us, and loves more than anything to snuggle with Onegin or Saltar. She is a beautiful Silver girl and we hope to produce some wonderful traditional Siberians with her. She is a very attentive mother and takes incredible care of her kittens. 

Sullivan Siberians Tally Ho is daughter to Lucy and Pasha. She is WONDERFUL! Her favorite place to be is curled up on your lap or better yet, your chest. She is a black tortoiseshell with stunning green eyes. We are so excited that she can produce orange or cream males!  She can produce a variety of colors and definitely passes on her charm. Two of her kittens have gone on to enhance other catteries breeding programs, "Romeo" at Skye Blue Siberians in Minnesota, and "Idaho" at Whispurrs Cattery in Connecticut.